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ARG hammers are robust, versatile and easy to use. The ARG Air Hammers are the choice of waterways contractors as well as in canal / river restoration projects.​


ARG Hammers are not only ideal for trench sheeting, they will drive light pile sections, H-Section columns, plastic piling, barrier posts, mooring and jetty scaffolding, steel tubes, and fencing posts, timber piles / posts.

The BSP 200 is a lightweight hammer for its size, offering a weight saving of 80kg yet delivering the same driving power as an ARG No 2.

The BSP 300 is perfect for driving L8 and M7 piles in hard ground conditions, earning it’s popularity for working on the waterways.

BSP No 5 delivers a high speed sequence of impact blows ensuring efficient installation of the piles, and is usually used in non-cohesive soils. A periodic clamp grips the sheet at each strike reducing sheet damage to a minimum. This machine is effective in driving medium weight sheet steel, tubular, H-beam or timber piles. This machine is a good choice for driving Larssen Piles, as well as working with light concrete piles in soft soil, making it fairly unique in it’s capabilities.

The Atlas Copco 400 operates off a 125cfm compressor, the largest hammer of it’s kind to do so. It can also be used for tubes, posts, and H-Sections due to it’s wider leg guide option, and due to the impact being largely centered interally, is one of the quietest hammers in our range.

McKiernan-Terry hammers sit between the Atlas Copco 400 and BSP No 5, suitable to drive a light-medium sheet pile.

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