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Our Work: Gayton Marina Swing Bridgeworks

Site: Gayton Marina Swing Bridge

Date: July 3023


Our client, ABC Leisure Group, run 21 marinas nationwide. The access road bridge had failed at Gayton Marina, meaning the marina was inaccessible and users had nowhere to park. The Rothen Group provided a quick turnaround with emergency bridgeworks.

The Project

  • Lift out and inspect bridge

  • Transport bridge to our wharf

  • Refurbish bridge including shot blasting and painting

  • Replaced timber handrails for metal

  • Renewed the swing bearing system and installed a new heavier duty hydraulic RAM

  • Counter balanced the bridge

  • Deliver and refit refurbished bridge


Our engineers visited site and it was decided that it was more time and cost effective to refurbish the bridge than rebuild new.

Access was restricted to a single track road so we had to utilise over the front hiab lorries for the lifting operation. The bridge was lifted out and returned to our wharf where it was shot-blasted, repainted and the timber handrails replaced with metal.

Our workshop team also fitted an auto lube grease system to the bearings to reduce annual maintenance, demonstrating their innovative approach.

The bridge was lifted back into position and inspected to ensure it was fully operational.

Gayton Marina Swing Bridgeworks
Inspecting and lifting the bridge

Gayton Marina Swing Bridge
Refurbishing bridge at our wharf

Installed Gayton Marina Swing Bridge
Finished bridge

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