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Specialist waterway maintenance and repairs in the UK


The UK waterways network extends for thousands of miles, with canals and rivers open for everyone to enjoy. However, to ensure waterways remain open and operational regular maintenance and repairs are needed, as wear, tear and faults are inevitable. 

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Types of maintenance and repairs on UK waterways

From ongoing maintenance such as weed cutting and maintenance of canal-side vegetation through to emergency repairs to banks, verges, and towpaths, it is important to always have a skilled team on hand. As specialists in waterway repairs and maintenance, the skilled Rothen Group team regularly undertake many projects, with the following being just some examples of our day-to-day maintenance projects:


  • Weed control

  • Bank repairs

  • Fences, gates, and handrail repairs

  • Towpath maintenance

  • Clearing reservoir feeders

  • Relining culverts

  • Repairing lock chambers

  • Repairs to boat ramps and moorings

  • Pile realignments and reinstallation

  • Demolition

  • Lock, weir, and dyke maintenance

  • Dredging of river and canal beds


Not only will ongoing maintenance help to ensure that waterways are safe, accessible, and open, but the work we complete also helps to reduce the risk of flooding. This is particularly important in urban areas as a blocked channel or culvert will stop water flowing freely, which is why the control of weeds and removal of obstructions such as trees and debris is vital.

How can The Rothen Group help?

Our highly skilled team have the expertise needed to complete all types of maintenance and repairs, and with our own fleet of specialist equipment including boats, barges, cranes and weed control equipment, we are the ideal team for ensuring UK waterways are fully operational. Whether you need an emergency repair or a planned maintenance schedule, we will work hard to deliver quick solutions within your budget.


Many of our maintenance projects are a preventative measure for further serious issues, and we are able to advise on regular maintenance schedules which aim to maintain functionality of all waterways. Through preventative maintenance, our team will minimise closures and stop major faults developing, which could be costly to repair. After all, prevention is always cheaper than a cure. 


Our engineers understand how important it is to plan all works around the users of waterways, so our schedules always take into account the activity on the water. If major works are required, we can liaise with the various external agencies to ensure minimal disruption to waterway users, the environment and the heritage of the area. For example, we always recommend cutting vegetation in late spring, with regular maintenance before the nesting season to minimise the impact on wildlife.

The Rothen Group – Skilled waterway maintenance and repair contractors

Our specialist knowledge of UK waterways combined with our extensive range of equipment and machinery ensures that our team are able to complete all maintenance projects. Whether you need help removing difficult to reach vegetation along a riverbank or a major repair such as the rebuilding of a bridge, we will provide the reliable service you require. To find out more about our wide range of waterway maintenance and repair services, please contact our experienced team today to discuss your marine construction project.

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