The Rothen Group provide a high quality, work boat rental service supplying an array of large and small work boats for narrow beam & wide beam waterways.

Our range of boats include pontoons, pusher and powered tugs, hoppers, crane boats to commercial workboats and punts/flat boats that can be used in a variety of applications. If depth is a consideration, we have shallow draught work boats both powered and unpowered or if materials need to be transported we have both insulated and large materials hoppers. We also hire welfare and survey/inspection craft.

Our swiss army knife of commercial workboats - the pontoons are capable of transporting a 1.5 tonne to 8 tonne machine to awkward access sites, where the machine can either be tracked off the pontoon to work or it can operate from the pontoon itself, with the stability legs down. The machine can be tracked up and down the pontoon to work with no danger of the work boat capsizing. In addition, we have a variety of cranes for lock gate replacement works or piling operations. The pontoons are highly adaptable, with side stability tanks which swing round to enable them to fit through narrow bridges and locks.

The crane boats and grab barges available offer a bespoke option for your project. Whether you are replacing lock gates, piling, post driving or needing to lift materials we have a crane boat for you.

The workboats can be hired with or without an operator. We have designed our fleet to be predominantly transportable by hiab lorry making delivery cheaper and quicker.

We are members of CPA, governing the conditions under which we hire. Those conditions can be viewed here.