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Mini Digger Pontoon


Specialist machine transporter and operating platform pontoon. This vessel is capable of transporting up to a 2.5 tonne machine to awkward access sites, where the machine can either be tracked off the pontoon to work or it can operate from the pontoon itself, with the stability legs down, the machine can be tracked up and down the vessel to work with no danger of the boat capsizing. With an operating machine reach of up to 25 ft it makes an ideal platform from which to work. It is made up of modules which pin together and weighs approx 6 tonnes with each module weighing no more than 1.6 tonnes giving a unit which is easy to transport and assemble via a Hiab lorry. The vessel measures 24ft x 7ft without the side stability sponsons, when transporting a machine these can be swung around to the rear of the vessel to enable it to pass through locks or narrow bridges. It is fitted with a small hydraulic power pack which operates the four stability legs which makes it an extremely stable working platform. When loaded with a 2.5 tonne machine the vessels draught is 400mm, making it ideal to operate in shallow waters but the stabiliser legs can reach 1.5m below the bottom of the boat, for operating in deeper water, leg extensions can be added to extend this by a further 1m. A further central module can be added to enable the vessel to carry a 5 tonne machine, this increases the width of the vessel to 14ft.

  • Length 26ft
  • Beam 6ft 10 without side stability tanks; 10’10” with side stability tanks
  • Hold length 24ft
  • Draft 12” empty
  • Carrying capacity max 2.5 tonne with stability tanks (1.5 tonne without stability tanks)
  • Mobilisation - via hiab lorry

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Mini Digger Pontoon
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