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Boathouse Blunder

When a pleasure boater accidentally collided with an old boathouse in Skipton, the boathouse did not come off well! Pennine Cruisers asked The Rothen Group to assess the damage and come up with a solution.

The stone copings and part of the canal wall, as well as the existing timberwork of the boathouse had collapsed into the canal rendering the building unsafe.

The solution was to prop the roof of the boathouse to enable the timber walls to be removed first and use a floating pontoon with excavator, tug & hopper to retrieve the debris from the canal. A new canal wall was then constructed by driving piles, with back ties and filling the void with concrete. This was then finished with laying the existing the copings with a lime mortar. The timberwork of the boathouse was then replaced and repaired. TRG consulted with CRT to gain and permit and allow the works to be undertaken quickly.

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