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What are marine piling contractors?

Here at The Rothen Group, we have significant experience in the design and installation of all forms of marine piling, whether the project is situated in a land-based environment, tidal or intertidal location.

Types of marine piling works

Marine piling, often referred to as aqua piling, involves the use of posts which are driven into the ground underwater to provide support to building works, such as building retaining walls and marine structures. There are many types of marine piling options, with a common form being sheet piling. These are steel sheets which interlock along a river or canal bank to protect it from collapsing, so they are commonly used along towpaths and to create a waterside feature. The sheet piles can often stabilise banks for more than 20 years and are a key method used by our team to prevent floods and to ensure the waterways across the UK remain clear, safe, and navigable.

Here at The Rothen Group, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of marine piling services including the following examples:

  • Quay walls

  • Dock wall stabilisation

  • Jetties

  • Slipways

  • Mooring dolphins

  • Tubular piles

  • Pontoons

  • River walls

Whatever the scale of your project, our skilled team take pride in delivering projects efficiently, safely, on time and within budget.

Steps involved in marine piling projects

The process always begins with a feasibility assessment, where our experienced team of engineers will consider all aspects of the project including ecological factors, the water depth, health & safety, access, ground conditions and your budget. We will then present our proposal which will include details of the materials we recommend using, which in many situations is marine grade steel.

As piles are submerged in water it is important to choose materials which guarantee longevity and excellent load-bearing capabilities, and steel offers excellent corrosion resistance especially when it is galvanised for extra protection in the water. Depending on the site, we may also recommend a concrete pile system which is known for its strength, alternatively wood piles are an attractive option for areas with low oxygen water levels.

We will also outline the machinery we plan on using, which will usually involve our specialist floating crane barges and digger boats. Every marine piling project is unique, but we have the experience, equipment, and capabilities to complete projects across the UK waterways, rivers, and canals. Whether the project is situated on a river, lake, marina or waterway, our operatives have extensive knowledge of piling within marine environment and we can effectively overcome all challenges with our extensive fleet.

The Rothen Group – Marine piling contractors

Our highly skilled, competent and experienced team are able to undertake all types of marine piling projects, and when combined with our specialist fleet of floating crane barges and digger boats, you can trust The Rothen Group to complete your project on time and within budget.

Our team will work hard to deliver the optimum piling solution, and we are always available to discuss your project in more detail. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our marine piling solutions, please contact our team today.

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