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Bank Slippage in Skipton

Working with Canal & River Trust, Kier & JJF, we’ve been involved in repairing a bank slippage along the canal, resulting in the closure of the canal near Skipton. In the heavy rainfall a 30m section of canal bank had slipped into the canal causing in obstructing the water way.

Using one of our marine ready excavators with a long reach arm and clamshell, the obstruction could be removed, before a new stone foundation was put in place ready for construction of the new bank.

This took the form of gabion baskets which had to be stacked at a slight angle, before being filled & tied together to create a solid bank. Our experienced team worked to get this form of erosion control in place effectively and timely to see the canal opened earlier than anticipated. This form of bank protection can provide shelter for fish fry & invertebrates below the water & a range of insects, animals & plants above the water which is ideal for this more rural setting.

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