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Reaching further than before!

Our long reach excavator is being put to good use clearing ditches and streams of aquatic vegetation ahead of the winter. The long arm gives the machine a reach of 8m making previously out of reach ditches ‘in reach’! The marine ready digger has bio oil and low ground pressure making it ideal for ecological sensitive sites where management of aquatic weed is important for biodiversity. Our tractor & trailer unit can also mobilise the machine easily.

With flooding events increasing with changing weather conditions, the correct and regular management of feeder arms, ditches & streams is becoming more and more important. Our range of versatile and innovative plant both floating and land based makes the job easier and cost effective for our clients.

The long reach digger can have a range of attachments from flails to clear offside hedges or banks, to reed rakes & buckets to remove vegetation within the water.

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