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Materials Hoppers
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Shallow Drafted Hoppers
Small Work & Flat Punts
Wide Beam Hoppers
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The Rothen Group has a range of other plant machines to sit both on or off our floating craft. These range from 0.5 to 8 tonne diggers with/without canopies for ease of moving under low bridges on the inland waterways, to tracked dumpers, breakers or post drivers.

These lightweight machines are ideally suited for towpath works where low impact is integral to CRT’s weight restrictions. All the Kubota diggers all fitted with check valves to comply with LOLER and enable the excavator to be used for lifting operations. They are also marine ready with bio oil as standard. Long reach arms are available for all sizes of diggers.

These come with a range of attachments including breakers, piling hammers, post drivers, flail heads, clamshell buckets and standard buckets. In addition, we have a large range of bespoke piling hammers available to suit all ground conditions and environment. They can be adapted to fit all piles types, posts etc.

Our range of other small plant for hoppers includes: tracked dumpers, small hydraulic post drivers, hydraulic breakers, whacker plates, coping stone lifters, petrol cement mixers. 

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