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The Rothen Group - Constructionline Approved
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The Rothen Group - Safe Contractor Approved

Our ability to provide pragmatic advice stems from a vast local knowledge and passion for the canals. Drawing on 50 years of family involvement with the canals, Ian Rothen, MD has a unique comprehension of the whole country’s network and its differences whether it be in build, architecture or structure enabling the best solution & approach for our clients. The understanding of what floating plant is best for each area or client, is second to none and we feel few companies have the knowledge of the canals and their heritage as The Rothen Group.


Our knowledge of the waterway network enables us to send the optimal equipment and facilitate loading sites based on our local knowledge which keeps costs down and maximizes efficiency for the client. In some instances, experienced operators are provided to work as part of the clients team.



We are proud to have achieved carbon neutral positive status with Carbon Footprint Ltd. They have assessed our carbon emissions within the business, and we have offset our carbon footprint with a School treeplanting scheme in England and an Amazon rainforest preventing deforestation scheme.
In addition to this we have launched our ‘Plant Hire – Plant Tree’ initiative which for every week’s boat hire we plant a tree. This has seen us plant over 1200 native trees in the last year.
The wharf enables us to move materials by water and has been increasingly used by clients for loading/unloading of plant & materials. This provides a greener solution to road haulage. Floating plant can also be mobilised from here or collected by clients. The in-house lifting equipment also reduces the requirement for mobile cranes & road lorries.  In addition, when using marinas & boat yards to lift in we prioritize those with cranes to avoid having to send another mobile crane.

The Rothen Group Carbon Neutral Organisation


Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us and each team member is uniquely trained and experienced to operate a range of equipment and undertake a range of civil engineering tasks on the waterways. This means each multi skilled operative has a unique understanding of the marine environment and the associated risks.

We have launched our own in house mentoring scheme, LIFTING LEGENDS. Each team has a lifting legend who has:

  • More experience in a range of lifts.

  • Additional training to make them competent to respond to dynamic changes in lifting operations.

  • Mentor our fully trained but less experienced team members.

  • Input into how to adapt our training programme and lift plans to be more applicable and relevant to the job.

  • Work with clients and staff in unusual lifts such as lock gates, bridges, piling works etc.

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