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Narrow Beam Pusher Tug
Shallow Drifted Pusher Tug
Wide Beam Pusher Tug

The Rothen Group have an extensive range of wide and narrow beam pusher tugs and hoppers, workboats and punts that can be used in a variety of applications. If depth is a consideration shallow drafted tugs would be ideal; although small, they still have the pushing power for moving large hoppers. If materials need to be transported we have both insulated and large capacity boats.

Welfare is available in both the pusher tugs & powered workboats, along with dedicated welfare pontoons and pods. We also hire survey/inspection boats and safety boats.


These boats can be hired with or without an operator. Depending upon the type of boat required, transport is either via the waterway network, hiab lorry or our small crane van and trailer, making facilitating boats to difficult access sites easier.


We have a range of hoppers from 16ft to 70ft long these materials hoppers can accommodate all types of loads and work. Our popular 40ft materials hoppers are transportable by hiab lorry and can be stacked for more cost effective and and fast mobilisation.

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