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Innovation is a core value of The Rothen Group and we have identified people that are going above and beyond, and therefore decided to have our ‘inspirational innovators’. 

Martin Rourke

IT/Software & Estates

For developing a bespoke software for the company which drives compliance, maintenance and auditing for the whole company. It is brilliantly designed for all levels of the business and is incredibly user friendly. The innovation is continuous and through listening and adapting to the team on the ground the software continues to evolve and improve.


Russ Sweet

Head of Workshop

For continued innovation in all aspects of the business and how to improve and innovative update the plant to help our clients and teams work better. 


Stuart Paxton

R&D Engineer

For his innovative approach to specific projects that are new for the company and taking them to the next level. This can be everything from resourcing different products to cost analysis to CAD drawing and working closely with specialist local engineering firms and evolving each new idea through to production and testing.

More coming soon... 

Martin Rourke The Rothen Group


Russ Sweet The Rothen Group


Stuart Paxton The Rothen Group


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