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This can be an inexpensive solution to protecting banks, predominantly on canals. Where stone walling is present the sandbags create an in-keeping appearance whilst providing stability and erosion control. It can also be used on heritage or conservation areas to maintain the integrity of these historic sites.

The Rothen Group were asked by Canal & River Trust and Kier to assist with repairing several sections of piling and washwall that lay within a Heritage Area on the Macclesfield Canal. Several separate sections of washwall had either collapsed or rotated with sections of stone coping having fallen into the canal along with sandbag walling. Over 220m of washwall needed to be repaired, whilst the towpath and canal remained open.

Sandbag walling - start of collapsed canal wall
Sandbag walling - new sandbags being installed on bank
Sandbag walling
Sandbag walling - reinstatement of towpath and verge
Sandbag walling - copings being removed from collapsed bank
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