We have extensive experience in carrying out all types of dredging on inland waterways. Our proactive, knowledge based approach ensures even the difficult spot dredging of moorings, winding holes and bridges can be undertaken.

Using floating dredgers, modular pontoons or long reach excavators working from the bank, we can accommodate your project needs. In addition we are fully licensed to dispose of your material in a cost effective manner which ensures low environmental impact.




The Rothen Group work with a number of marinas, waterway trusts and boat clubs covering residential and commercial moorings. We have extensive experience of carrying out dredging, installing new or refurbishing existing pontoons and jetties (steel or timber) and creating new moorings with piling and bank stabilisation works.

Our staff and working methods are sensitive to working in high residential environments as well as historic/protected sites to ensure the best outcome for client and environment.


We are always interested to hear from new clients, whether they be small or large to help advise and guide them through their maintenance requirements.




This more environmentally sensitive bank protection can provide a high quality and economical form of erosion control. This is more suitable for smaller watercourses or sites where low usage and wear will occur. However, when used with coir rolls the benefit of its ‘open pocket’ structure enables vegetation to grow through the protection and therefore create excellent habitat and is therefore used on more ecologically sensitive sites.


Through sensitive backfilling and seeding the original bank can quickly re-establish and flourish. We are more than happy to advise on the best backfill and seed mixes for your requirements.


Our expert team can advise you on the best piling methods and materials from the moment we are engaged. Our advice will be pragmatic and result in the best solution for your specific project, considering both depth and marine conditions as well as usage and wear/damage. This will ensure the piling is suited to the site and your needs.

Knowledge of which piles to use for each site can save you considerable sums and we are confident in assessing whether steel sheet piles, timber piles or even plastic piles are appropriate.

Once the piles are in place there are a variety of options for backfilling and reinstatement which we are able to advise and carry out for you.



The Rothen Group carry out all elements of ecological surveys and mitigation including:

  • Preliminary Ecological Assessments

  • Phase 2 protected species surveys

  • Licensing

  • Implementation of mitigation

Our experienced and licensed ecologists have extensive experience and a proactive, pragmatic approach to ensure ecology runs smoothly with your project.



Silt deposits and excessive reed/weed growth can dramatically reduce the effective running of canals, rivers, lakes or attenuation ponds. From small sites such as entrances to dry docks and side ponds to larger expanses of canals or watercourses we have a wealth of experience in clearing silt and unwanted vegetation. Whether it be bulrushes, reeds or aquatic weeds we have the experience to remove it efficiently.


Our ability to position plant within small, poor access sites enables us to successfully clear the vegetation. In addition, we have a range of machinery and floating plant to accommodate any sized site and facilitate removal by water or road to deposit sites for drying and reuse as topsoil or compost. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and undertake a site visit free of charge, to assess the best approach for you.



This can be an inexpensive solution to protecting banks, predominantly on canals. Where stone walling is present the sandbags create an in-keeping appearance whilst providing stability and erosion control. It can also be used on heritage or conservation areas to maintain the integrity of these historic sites.


We can provide a complete design, build and installation service for custom metalwork products either on site or in our fully fitted workshop.

We have fully qualified City & Guilds Welders and mechanics to carry out on-site repairs. We are able to do this by having fully mobile equipment. Our Lorries are fitted with 400 amp welder/generator sets mounted onboard. This enables us to carry out plasma cutting, manual metal arc (stick) welding, and oxy/acetylene gas cutting.

We can undertake the manufacture of mild steel fabrications to customer specifications. We also cover general fabrication of walkways, access stair and ladders, structural steelwork, on site welding, security grills and fencing. This includes weatherproofing and securing the product.



Waterways provide important corridors for humans and wildlife and if appropriate management has not in place degradation can quickly build up. Through utilising our skills and expertise in all areas of engineering on waterways, we are able to provide a pragmatic and practical solution.


These can include:

  • Selective scrub clearance to reduce bankside shading

  • Selective clearance of in channel vegetation to allow light to penetrate the water

  • Large scale excavation and landforming works

  • Dredging and de-silting

  • Lining of waterbodies with high quality liners or puddle clay

  • Dam and causeway repairs

  • Construction of structures e.g. headwalls, overflows, outlets etc

  • Appropriate planting and revetment solutions

  • Jetties, landing stages

  • Marinas


Towpaths now form an essential highway for cyclists, walkers and boaters.

The Rothen Group has extensive experience in all types of towpath resurfacing from Breedon gravel to Tarmac resin surfaces. We are able to carry out small maintenance and works through to larger scale installation of new towpaths.

Using floating plant we can remove and bring in materials to the most inaccessible of places with minimum impact on the environment.




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