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Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us and each team member is uniquely trained and experienced to operate a range of equipment and undertake a range of civil engineering tasks on the waterways. This means each multi skilled operative has a unique understanding of the marine environment and the associated risks.


We have launched our own in house mentoring scheme, 'LIFTING LEGENDS'. Each team has a lifting legend who has:

  • More experience in a range of lifts.

  • Additional training to make them competent to respond to dynamic changes in lifting operations.

  • Mentor our fully trained but less experienced team members.

  • Input into how to adapt our training programme and lift plans to be more applicable and relevant to the job.

  • Work with clients and staff in unusual lifts such as lock gates, bridges, piling works etc.

More coming soon...

lifting legend Joe Kiteley.jpg

Joe K

lifting legend Joe S.jpeg

Joe S

lifting legend Russ.jpeg


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