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Here at The Rothen Group, we are proud to work with a wide range of clients where our services help to maintain the waterways, rivers, canals, marinas, and coastline of the UK. One of these key services is marine construction, where our engineers work closely with our clients to achieve consistent results on time and on budget. 


Through our combination of specialist machinery, knowledgeable personnel, and extensive experience, we are the ideal choice for both routine and challenging marine construction projects.

Marine Construction Projects UK

What is marine construction?

As the name suggest, the area of marine construction covers all types of building works along a watercourse, with our clients ranging from homeowners and small business to vast marinas. Construction works can include everything from the provision of waterway access and boat storage facilities through to mitigation and protection works such as sea walls, retaining walls, bulkheads, and revetments.

Why is marine construction important?

Marine construction often involves experienced engineers, specialist equipment and highly trained operators, who are able to work together to design and build the vital structures needed within marine environments. Marine construction is such a varied area with projects often spanning construction, installation, repairs, and ongoing maintenance of many marine environments. 

What types of projects fall under marine construction?

The following are just some examples of the types of projects which rely on the services of experienced marine construction specialists:


  • Marine production areas and processing facilities

  • Installation of docks and ongoing maintenance and repair works

  • Levees and other water control structures

  • Pipeline removals and relocations

  • Construction, reconditioning and maintenance of platforms

  • Storm damage clean-ups and repairs

Who can assist with a marine construction project?

Marine construction projects require highly specialist equipment and personnel, and here at The Rothen Group we have the in-house skills, fleet and experience needed to complete all types of marine construction projects. As we operate and maintain our own fleet including specialist boats, cranes, and other amphibious equipment we are able to undertake the most challenging construction projects, and when combined with our unique knowledge of UK marine environments, you can trust us to maintain the important marine ecosystems.


As a team of contractors, we are able to work alongside our clients’ own teams and other external contractors, and together we can successfully undertake all types of inland marine construction projects.

The Rothen Group – Specialists in marine construction

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of UK waterways, so we understand the various challenges which are often faced during complex marine construction projects. Through our unique experience, skilled engineers, and specialist machinery we are able to effectively complete all types of marine construction projects. To find out more about how our dependable team can provide the marine services you need, please contact our team today to discuss your project.

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