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A Guide to Marina Maintenance

Marine construction is difficult, and waterfront developments can be even more so. The cost to build a marina is expensive, so keeping it well-maintained is a must. After initially engaging marina construction companies, marina maintenance firms like The Rothen Group (TRG) should be your next port of call. These firms can help with your ongoing marina engineering and waterfront marine construction needs.

We have detailed common questions about marina construction and marina repair below. So, if you’re looking for guidance on marina design and construction, read on. This will cover installing jetties, minimising marina construction costs, and more.

What purpose does a marina serve?

Marina design and construction involves providing security, useful services, and ensuring your moorings aren’t disturbed by passing boats. Each marina construction is different, with some being quite basic. More complex waterfront developments, however, can include cafes, barbecues, boater storage and 500+ berths.

Those working in marina construction tend to install jetties and common facilities like toilets, waste disposal points, showers and car parking. Some waterfront marina constructions also have dry and wet dock facilities.

Why does a marina require maintenance?

Marinas constructions are broadly composed of bankside protection (sheet piling or soft bank protection) and jetties. This bank protection can fail over time, as boats keep forcing water against them as they manoeuvre into berths. Consequently, a lot of marina engineering involves replacing this protection to ensure banks don’t collapse into the marina/mooring.

In addition, installed jetties are generally made out of sheet piles and timber walkways, which again can degrade over time. As the timber rots, this can result in hazardous walking conditions if the timbers rot.

Silt, debris and weeds can also build up, and must be removed through marina maintenance methods like dredging. Boats can get stuck or slowed down on these growths and deposits, which can be highly inconvenient. So, no matter a marina’s design and construction, active maintenance is a must.

What are the steps to carrying out marina maintenance?

First of all, you need to see what marina maintenance or marina construction work is required. This could include anything from dredging, piling and bank stabilising, to weed clearance and installing jetties. Afterward you should engage a company that specialises in marina maintenance. This involves obtaining a quote to see if further manpower and expertise are required to carry out the project.

What boats are required for marina maintenance?

The range of adaptable marina engineering equipment supplied by TRG means they can carry out marina maintenance regardless of project size. This encompasses everything from small marina maintenance to big waterfront developments that require larger scale marine engineering. Marina maintenance can be carried out from the bank or from boats. Examples of craft that can assist in marina repair include crane boats, digger pontoons, weed cutting boats, pusher tugs, and hoppers.

Most new marinas are built on land in dry conditions. As such, most marina construction companies don’t own floating plant or such varied fleets. Yet these solutions can be invaluable in waterfront marine construction and marina maintenance.

Indeed, we can access the most awkward of marina constructions, and do an excellent job of installing and configuring. Furthermore, our marina engineering team are very experienced in marina maintenance projects. They can be mobilised within a week to a month, depending on marine construction requirements and the severity of the situation.

Marina Maintenance UK

Canal and Marina Maintenance Services

Do you have any further questions about marina repair, marina maintenance and waterfront marine construction, or other marina engineering services? If so, please contact us on 01827 215715, or email

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