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All about marine engineering services in the UK

Marine engineers are specialist professionals who are able to provide mechanical engineering solutions relating to the design, construction and maintenance of marine systems, shores, waterways and vessels. From the design of marine equipment through to the maintenance of our waterways and the development of environmental solutions, marine engineering services are always in high demand worldwide.

How do marine engineer services assist with the management of UK waterways?

UK canals and waterways have played an important role historically, and although many networks were in decline due to increased competition from rail and road transportation options, there are many businesses and leisure users who still enjoy the UK waterways. However, the vast network of canals, rivers and reservoirs need maintenance to ensure they remain safe and accessible to the millions of people who spend time navigating the British waterways every year.

There are over 2000 miles of canals, rivers, reservoirs, and important docks around the nation, and with factors such as rising sea levels, flooding and erosion all placing increasing pressure on the coastal and waterway infrastructure, maintenance and protection are vital. Marine engineers and specialist maritime equipment play important roles, with services designed to maintain and repair waterways whilst also minimising environmental impacts.

The ever-changing marine environment requires an extensive range of marine engineering services, and the following all play an important role in the maintenance of UK canals and waterways:

1. Marine engineering contract services

There are many areas which require the specialist knowledge of marine engineers, including bank protection, sandbag walling, dredging, marina works, piling, and the vital restoration of rivers, lakes, and canals. These contract services are vital to the effective running of the waterway network, and engineers have the extensive skillset needed to create efficient solutions that also consider the changing environment.

2. Reed and weed management

Canals, rivers, and lakes are only accessible if reeds, weeds, and silt deposits are managed effectively. From small docks to expansive watercourses, effective reed and weed management is needed to remove unwanted vegetation and heavy silt deposits, such as reeds, bulrushes, and other aquatic weeds. This removal and maintenance often requires a range of specialist floating machinery, so that the complex plant structures are removed completely from the watercourse.

3. Specialist plant equipment

As you can imagine, the maintenance of the waterways requires a variety of specialist marine engineering equipment, from small work boats designed for narrow canals through to tugs, crane boats, commercial workboats, pontoons, flat boats, and machinery for use on floating craft such as diggers, clam shell grabs and long reach arms. There are many services which rely on this specialist machinery, whether it be for transportation, heavy works, or site inspections, with marine engineers often responsible for the design and build of these vital machines.

The Rothen Group – Marine Engineer Specialists

The team of marine engineers at The Rothen Group are the trusted professionals when it comes to complex maritime projects, thanks to our technical skills and specialist knowledge of UK canals, rivers, lakes, and marinas. From the design of boats and marine plant hire equipment through to weed management and contract services, we are the leading canal and waterway professionals here in the UK.

We have a passion for UK waterways, and over the years we have developed an excellent understanding of the country’s network, which allows us to deliver efficient, comprehensive, and sustainable contracting and plant hire solutions. Whether you are searching for the best equipment for a loading site, weed management, or maintenance services such as protection, dredging, walling, or welding and fabrication, our range of tailor made equipment and specialist knowledge will ensure you benefit from the best possible service.

To find out more about the marine engineering services we offer throughout the UK, or discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact The Rothen Group team today.

Marine engineering services

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