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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Lake Builders?

Lake construction covers a wide range of individual issues. The initial design and build of a body of water, whether a pond or lake, must take into account lake maintenance or pond maintenance, aquatic plants, and be environmentally friendly. Lake builders therefore must work with local authorities and private clients (if applicable) to ensure that a lake management plan is put in place, and maintenance services arranged. Working with expert marine engineers like The Rothen Group (TRG) will ensure that any lake building project goes smoothly.

Two of the main factors lake contractors need to consider are size and depositing material. A larger lake requires more time and work to build, and more ground is removed and needs to be deposited. A larger lake inevitably costs more to build than a smaller one and takes considerably longer. A very small lake may be completed in a couple of weeks, whereas a larger one may take six months or even more.

One way of alleviating costs is to reuse the moved earth to improve the surrounding grounds. Making the area around a lake pleasant for the public or accessible for work in the case of commercial bodies of water (like for fisheries management, for example) can be a cost-effective way of distributing materials the excavation of a lake accumulates. The removed earth can even become part of a water feature to decorate the lake.

A successful lake build will benefit the surrounding ecology and improve water quality. As with any body of water, oxygen levels and aquatic weeds must be monitored, and problems like foul odours (which may be the result of an overgrowth of bacteria) must be solved. Dredging can solve problems like build-ups of debris or sediment.

Constructed lakes need to have some kind of lining, otherwise water will simply seep into the ground, and the lake will drain away. Common materials used to line lakes include clay or plastic. TRG has experts who can ensure an artificial lake is safely and securely lined using material appropriate for the size and location of the project. One of the most expensive mistakes possible when lake building is to poorly line a lake, allowing leaks which are very difficult to go back and fix.

With any marine construction project, it is important to consult with experts on the subject. TRG has a wealth of experience to draw upon, a team of specialists, and a fleet of equipment to tackle any lake building task. If you are considering building a lake or pond on your property, your first port of call should be TRG, for professional guidance from initial consultation through to project completion and maintenance.

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