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What is Involved in Lake Maintenance?

Almost every body of water requires a wide range of maintenance services. A canal, pond or lake is healthier and more pleasant to use if it is free from aquatic weeds and foul odours. It also needs good oxygen levels to support a variety of aquatic plants.

In the UK, the responsibility for lake and pond maintenance usually falls to the Canal & River Trust, water companies, and individuals in the case of privately owned lakes and ponds. This is different to fisheries management, where the responsibility belongs to the fishery company. Similar to canals and rivers, lake maintenance requires the upkeep of banks and building access points for work or recreation. It also means keeping the area as safe for people, animals, and plants as possible.

Unlike canals and rivers, the equipment most commonly used for lake maintenance is land-based. It is normally possible to access lakes via land, so diggers and other heavy equipment can be used on the bank. If the bank is unsuitable for any reason then there is still the option to approach the maintenance site on workboats. With any work of this kind, there is always the chance that permits are needed before any maintenance can begin.

Removal of unwanted plants like duckweed is an important part of lake maintenance. Dredging is the removal of plants and litter from a body of water, and this too requires special equipment. When dredging, it is important not to cause any damage to water features or lake banks. Experienced professionals like The Rothen Group (TRG) are the best choice when any dredging work is needed.

For example, at Boddington Reservoir, in Northamptonshire, a buildup of litter had occurred. At the same time there was an overgrowth of weeds. TRG was able to use their equipment and experience to clear the reservoir of unwanted material, and restore it to its former beauty.

When planning maintenance of any lake, pond, river or canal that might impact the surrounding environment, it is important to consider what that impact might be. To this end, The Rothen Group is careful to only perform maintenance outside of birds’ nesting season. The disruption to vegetation is also taken into consideration when making any lake maintenance plan.

Lake contractors like TRG are able to create pond and lake management plans to improve water quality and the immediate surrounding area. A private client may hire a lake builder who needs expert understanding of lake construction and water engineering.

The dangers of failing to maintain a lake can be overgrown weeds, an accumulation of litter, and blocked waterways at the entrances and exits to lakes. Bacteria can reproduce in unclean conditions and cause the water to have a bad smell. These are all considerations that anyone in lake and pond construction will be aware of and TRG can offer advice and equipment rental to help keep lakes healthy.

To learn more about lake maintenance, please contact The Rothen Group.

Lake maintenance and dredging

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