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What is Marina Management? A Guide

Marinas are essential places to moor boats and yachts. Once there, people can carry out repairs, restock, check electrical components, or simply store the vessel for a period of time. Marinas only take small boats, not large passenger ships or cargo ships, which dock in a port.

Generally, the term marina refers to an area on a coastline. The word can also mean a wharf in-land, where canal boats or other small vessels can be moored.

Marina management takes experience and skill. In fact, there are professional development training courses provided jointly by the Global Marina Institute and British Marine and Marina Association. These are available for people who want to train as advanced marina managers or become a certified marina manager (CMM).

In order to manage marina operations, a manager must be aware of marina construction, boat engineering services and marina maintenance. Awareness of marine and marina industries is a helpful plus, as is experience working in marinas and boatyards.

Over time, jetties, bank protection, or other parts of a marina’s structure can fail. A good manager will work with marina builders or marine engineers like The Rothen Group (TRG). By doing so, they can ensure these issues are taken care of quickly.

If banks are not properly maintained, they can fail due to water to repeatedly impact them. When they wear down, they can fall partially into the water, blocking or damaging boats. The upkeep of banks and bank protection is one of the main duties of a marine manager.

Like canals and lakes, marinas require dredging as silt and debris builds up. A marina manager needs to work with a reliable company like TRG to secure competent dredging services. If this aspect of marina management is ignored it is possible for weeds, litter and natural deposits to become dangerous. The detritus can slow down boats, get tangled in propellers, and even cause boats to become entirely stuck.

Depending on the specific marina, there may be other responsibilities involved, like running the marina website if applicable, or organising marketing. Environmental management is another key aspect of the role. Services like dredging and bank repair should be done in such a way to protect or improve the marine environment. TRG has years of experience carrying out these types of projects and always endeavours to positively impact the surrounding environment.

Marina managers must stay current on maritime laws and agree to receive updates on any changes to laws or policies. This is especially important if the changes could impact the marina or the marina’s customers.

With any marina project, it is vital to consult with experts at every stage. TRG has a fleet of marine engineering equipment and a team of specialists. Drawing on years of experience, TRG can be a crucial ally in any marina maintenance or building project.

You can learn more about marina construction, management, and maintenance by contacting The Rothen Group.

What is Marina Management?

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