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Our Work: London & South East: composting of floating weed & floating invasive species

Site: London & South east: composting of floating weed & floating invasive species

Date: Since April 2019 to date

The Rothen Group have worked with Canal & River Trust since 2019 to assist with the management of weed along 20miles of London’s waterways for 7months each year. As part of the project innovation, we successfully compost some of the floating weed including floating pennywort.

The Project

  • Researching which waste companies could assist with the composting

  • Undertaking sampling of the different weeds to ascertain how and if they could be composted

  • Locating the optimum disposal sites across the country to maintain sustainability targets for the client

  • ‘Innovative thinking’ and versatility to generate an effective & efficient standard of work resulting in high productivity

  • Organising and liaising with operators, wharves, client representatives & waste disposal companies to empty, transport and compost the weed

  • Understanding access restrictions, working on busy navigational waterways and liaising with general public

  • Mobilising the necessary plant to assist with the composting with experienced operators

  • Developing the optimum storage times of weed which when left in hoppers in warm conditions can lead to odours

  • Trial of odour treatments

  • Development of specialist skips to maximise water drainage ahead of transport, these can also be branded with whatever message/design the client needs

  • Improving efficiencies with transport of the waste with 2 skips on 1 load

  • Future trials will include using the compost generated in other areas of the clients business

The weed composting was very successful and resulted in an overall saving of 30% compared to sending the weed to landfill. This combined with the obvious sustainability, biodiversity and marketing positives means the project was a success.

London & South East: composting of floating weed & floating invasive species

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