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The Rothen Group have extensive experience in carrying out all types of canal contracting on inland UK waterways. 


Over the past 20 years, traffic on canals and rivers throughout the UK has increased, especially as more people are enjoying the waterways for leisure purposes. However, to ensure the waterways are easy and safe to navigate with plenty of access to secure mooring, the services of experienced canal contractors are often required.

What are canal contractors?

Canal contractors are able to assist with many areas of canal maintenance and development, with specialist contractors often part of wider project delivery teams. Canal contractors are often fully qualified marine engineers, with their services in high demand by clients such as the Canals & Rivers Trust, local authorities, and commercial developers. The skillset of canal contractors allows them to solve complex waterway problems, and their unique range of capabilities are often called upon for both technical advice and practical expertise within all types of canal-based projects.

Why use a canal contractor? 

To ensure your marine construction project runs smoothly, it is important to hire an experienced contractor. A suitably qualified contracting team will have the equipment, resources, manpower and knowledge needed to assist with the planning, development, and construction of all canal projects, with the following being examples of common projects:


  • Maintenance works, such as sheet piling, capping beams, gabions, stone pitching, and rock armour repair.

  • Water management, including abstractions, overflows, inlets, outfalls, and balancing ponds to control flow.

  • Towpath and footpath reconstruction and installation.

  • Canal crossings, locks, foundations and building of canal structures.

  • Dredging, de-silting, channel cleaning and weed control.

  • Building of moorings, marinas, and other amenities.

Who could need a canal contractor?

As you can imagine, canal contracting projects can range from basic weed management through to complex engineering solutions, where the advice of specialist engineers is vital. This is why canal contractors have such a varied client base, including everything from government agencies, local authorities, independent canal authorities and trusts through to large commercial clients and private individuals.

The Rothen Group - Providers of specialist canal contracting services in the UK

Here at The Rothen Group, our engineers specialise in providing contacting services that cover all aspects of canal management throughout the UK.  From bank protection and canal weed management through to large scale mooring works, our canal contractors pride themselves on providing a pragmatic approach. With specialist knowledge of UK canals, we are confident that we have the knowledge, unique skills and equipment needed to meet the exact needs of our varied client base.

Why use The Rothen Group

As specialist canal engineers, our team pride themselves on offering a complete range of canal contracting services. Our collaborative approach ensures that we are able to design solutions which are bespoke to your canal project, including meeting budgetary and timeline requirements. As a valued partner to so many clients across the UK, we have an unrivalled knowledge of UK waterways, and we strive to offer an efficient, cost-effective service that meets the exact requirements of your canal project.


To ensure successful project execution, we use our own comprehensive fleet of equipment which our in-house team have designed to meet the challenges of UK canals. Our bespoke floating plant ensures that our team are able to get to work quickly, so that you save time and money, especially if areas are difficult to reach or navigate. To find out more about our extensive canal contracting services, please contact our knowledgeable team today.

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